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Horses Trained in Summer 2011

Here are some pics of the horses we've gotten in and had the opportunity to start and train. We have enjoyed building these bonds between horse and owner and hope to continue to make these bonds happen! 



This is Zip, a 2 yr old AQHA gelding, owned by Tina and Mic Kinney. We had the pleasure of working with him and getting him going for trail riding and desensitizing to new sounds and dogs.Zip crosses creeks,ponds, bridges, farm equipment and barking dogs. (Zip in or Round pen working on walking over spooky sounding objects- in this case a tarp.)


This is Baby, a 3 year old Arab/Rocky cross, owned by Ms. Charla Horn. We got her in for training to be a trail horse. After enlisting the help of a calming supplement, she is now calm, cool and focused and is progressing nicely as a trail mount. 


 This is Shade, a 2 year old TWH gelding, owned by Ms. Cheryl Meyers. Shade was brought in for training to be a trail horse. He had limited knowledge of ground manners and had never been ridden. His owner considers her self a beginner and wanted him to respect her and for her to be able to handle him any way she wanted. He is now home after 60 days of training, and she is now enjoying him on trail rides with her friends. Shade also crosses creeks, ponds, bridges, spooky objects, stands for mounting/dismounting, will go any where you ask him to and so much more! Ms. Cheryl has reported that she can fully handle her horse at all gaits and loves his willingness to do anything asked of him. As demonstrated in the 2nd image- Shade does ANYTHING asked of him!


This image shows Bell and Sundance- two TWH we got in for conditioning and trail riding. These horses are owned by repeat client Mrs. Sharon Burgess and her daughter. Both horses were a pleasure to work with along with Mrs. Burgess' first horse she brought us.. Davie!


This little guy is Mrs. Burgess' little man "Davie". Mrs. Sharon found us on Craigslist and was looking for some where for Davie to be turned out and well cared for for the winter. Davie had been kept in a stall at his previous trainers with little to no attention and made the decision to bring him home to her house.  We got Davie a short time later (the day after Christmas 2010) as she didn't want him living in a confined environment all winter. When he came in, we had a hard time catching him, leading him and he would turn his hind to you in a stall. Davie was boarded with us for over 4 months and Mrs. Sharon decided to have us start him after our move to Winchester and soon lost those bad habits and became easy to catch, lead and handle- he stopped turning his hind end to you in a stall, and would actually come to you!

We started Davie for trail riding and when he left us early this summer. He will yield his front and hind (move off of pressure), will stand next to any object for mounting and dismounting- not moving an inch, crosses ditches, creeks, ponds, bridges, can open gates from his back, worked nicely around barking dogs. He also backs up with no issue, crosses scary objects, and does great around 4-wheelers, cars etc. He's been ridden down the road and past cars with no problems. He also stands tied to ANY object with out a fuss.!


This is Blossom a 5 yr old Ky Mtn. Horse. She is owned by Mrs. June Rousey. Mrs. Rousey brought Blossom to us for training to get her more exposed to trail riding and to help her calm down under saddle. Blossom was doing remarkable better when Mrs. Rousey took her home!