Quality Equine Training, Sales and Lessons

Training Info ::


     Here at Fox Equine we know every horse learns in a different way and at different paces. We strive to provide each horse with the knowledge it needs to excel in any discipline you have in mind. We have had the pleasure of working with many breeds and disciplines, with many return clients. With over 16 years of training experience, Jaclyn knows what it takes to build a stronger, more trusting bond between the horse and rider.

Training your Horse ::

We tailor the training program to suit the needs of your horse. Full Care Training board is $1200.00/month.

Full Care Training Board includes hay, grain, stall, shavings, private turnout, and use of facilities. Your horse will be ridden 6 days each week, either by a trainer or yourself in lessons. Vet, farrier, supplements, equipment, massage/acupuncture, etc. not included. No additional charge for prior arrangements made for hauling to an indoor to ride.

We work cohesively with some of the top experts in equine massage and laser therapy. If you and your horse are faced with a challenge, please inquire as to how we can help you and your partner. 


Other Options ::

   We also offer a few other options to suit your needs. We offer schooling rides, training at your farm, and training by the day.

Schooling Rides are available for horses that have been out of work for awhile and are a great option for someone who wants to see how the horse will react to being ridden for the first time in a while. They are also good for reminding your horse how to behave when under saddle and remind them they have a job to do.

  • Price: $35.00/ride- haul in only.

Training by the Day** is also available. Haul in, tell us what you’d like your horse to learn, we’ll give you a set number of days to complete the task, and we’ll call you when he or she has learned the task to pick them up. You supply all hay, grain and tack to be used

  • Price: $30.00/day  1-5 days
  • Price: $25.00/day 6-10 days
  • Price: $20.00/day  11-15 days

there will be an additional charge if you don’t supply grain, hay, and/or your own tack for these days- add $5.00/occurrence.  This is the ONLY service that requires your own tack, grain and hay.

Requirements and Understandings: *Please Read!*

Requirements for bringing your horse on to the property:

  •  Current Health Certificate and Coggins (HC less than 1 month old)
  • Current on all shots: ie. 7 way shot, rabies, strangles, West Nile
  • We encourage you to bring your own tack for training purposes. If your tack does not fit your horse, we can assist you in finding tack that fits.
  • Horse MUST have been dewormed within 2 months of arrival to the farm, or possess a fecal egg count test from your veterinarian.